My little princess

The other day little OL uttered words that I never thought I would hear a daughter of mine say…. “Mommy I want to wear a dress!”
Thankfully her Great Aunt bought her a beautiful dress for her Birthday in February, which she had not previously worn, so I did at least have something to put on her. She does have a few skirts as well, but they were not good enough – not like a princess.   Sofia has a lot to answer for!!!


My pretty princess!

My pretty princess!

Now I have had to go shopping! Urgh, not one of my favourite things to do.  (she does look really sweet in a dress though)

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14 Responses

  1. Lucky you she didn’t insist on a pink dress :lol:

    • Yes, thankfully. Unfortuntely that happened today with her swimming costume. I was told her blue one is for boys

  2. :) :) she is adorable!!! K also loves dresses

  3. LOL hope she still wants dresses after the shopping trip :)
    she looks cute!

  4. Drama Princess refuses to wear a dress. She just won’t yet she looks so beautiful in one

  5. My little one also loves to wear dresses – unlike her mother :)

  6. Oh she looks cute. A still love her dresses but now are totally into shorts too

    • Thank you. It was always shorts before. She did not like the feel of a skirt against her legs, and they got in the way when she was crawling and climbing up on stuff. She seems to have figured them out a bit better now.

  7. Your princess is beautiful…so glad she discovered dresses.

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