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Windy City

Wow, what a weekend!  And not all in a good way.


On Friday I had Daisy spayed and Bacardi neutered!  Well Daisy was not a happy puppy and promptly pulled out all her stitches.  Hmm, after an emergency call to the vet I calmed down a bit, covered her hole and waited for Saturday morning for the vets to open.  We were there first thing and had her stapled shut.  They also gave me a wide collar thing to put on her if she looked like she was going to try and pull out the staples.  Although they said that the staples are harder for her to get out than normal stitches.  Well, no sooner had I got her home than she looked like she was going to try and pull them out.  On went the collar.  Until I had a look at her tummy.  How on earth she managed it I don’t know but in the time before the collar had gone on she had managed to get the stitches out.  So another emergency call to the vet!!


He said to bring her in again that evening when he was back in the surgery and we would see what we could do!  So back to the vets!!  Bloody hell this was getting expensive.  More staples in her tummy and the collar back on her head.  Luckily this seemed to work.


On Sunday the weather was TERRIBLE!!!  Besides the gale force winds and driving rain we also had hail!  Luckily this did not last too long.  The wind kept blowing though – PE definitely lived up to its name of Windy City.  My brother came round in the afternoon and had a look into our back garden.  He said to us that there was a lampshade blowing around out there.  Hmmmm, look at this photo and see what he was talking about!