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Don’t piss off Mother Nature

I have not managed to go around and have good look – dratted work gets in the way – but I went down to the beachfront and drove along the freeway and wow.  Nature sure has a way of letting you know who is boss.


Normally the beach where we do the triathlons is sandy and the sea flat.  Not today. There is basically no sand and the waves are still rolling in.  Not as big as the pictures from Monday but still rolling.


All along the highway you can see some of the damage.  The sea wall is in pieces and most of it is on the railway line.  No leaves on the track here, it is huge big boulders and chunks of concrete. 


I think PE was still quite lucky when you compare it to other places but still, it leaves you in awe at what Mother Nature can get up to when you piss her off a bit.  I think also we in PE are usually pretty lucky weather wise and don’t usually have any extremes, so when we do it is quite something.  Besides the floods we have every 20 years or so and the odd bit of wind we are left pretty unscathed.  And I must admit – that’s just the way I like


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