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On Saturday it is the first triathlon of the series and I am very excited.  There are two distances but I have decided to do the shorter.  At least this way when I finish last it will not be so obvious.  The people from the longer distance will still be coming in so spectators might just think I have done the longer race.  Although I am sure that they would realize pretty quickly that I did not.  I mean hopefully it is the top guys that are finishing the longer race as I finish the shorter and not the tail-enders.  If it is the tail-enders then I am in serious trouble.


With triathlon there are a number of different distances that you can do.  Here is a summary:


Sprint distance, which is the one that I plan on doing on Saturday. 

750m Swim

20km Bike Ride

5 Km Run


Olympic distance, this is exactly double the distance of the sprint and surprise, surprise it is the distance they do in the Olympics. 

1500m Swim

40 Km Bike

10 Km Run

This is the one that I hope to do later on in the season.


70.3 (or Half Ironman); it is called a 70.3 because that is what the total mileage adds up

            1.9km Swim

            90km Bike

            2.1km Run


And then there is Ironman

3.8km Swim

180 km Bike Ride

42.2 Km Run

            This is what I am ultimately training for and the race is on 5 April 2009.  It will be my second one as I finished my first one in March 2007.


Besides all of these standard distances there are variations.  The Engergade Triathlon Series is based on the Sprint Distance, but the swim is shorter.  The Corporate Ironman is exactly 10% of the total Ironman, so 380m swim, 18 km bike ride and 4.2 km run.  In some events it is also possible to do sections as part of a team. 


As well as all the above events which are held on the roads, there are off road triathlons.  Here the bike is a mountain bike section and the run is a trail run.


This is why I love triathlon.  There are distances to suit every body and there is a great camaraderie amongst the competitors. Most people cheer each other on or assist where possible.