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There is a God!

This is the best thing I have read in AGES!!! 


Chocolate Milk for Performance

A study published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism found that cyclists that drank chocolate milk rode for 50 % longer than those who drank a protein drink, and for as long as those who drank an isotonic preparation.

Chocolate milk has an optimal ratio of 4:1 for carbohydrates to protein. The carbohydrates replace the energy lost during exercise, and the protein repairs the muscles. Chocolate milk is believed to be better than plain milk because of the added sugars.

Michael Phelps is said to drink chocolate milk between swimming events.





11 thoughts on “There is a God!

  1. Howzit, Pam! Nice to see you again!

    I’m not a fan of choc-milk so I’ll go for vanilla ice-cream instead!

    Problem is just that I won’t be in any state to do sport after some ice-cream. Because with ice-cream it never stops after one bowl! 😉

  2. ICE – nice to see you too. See you also moved?

    I am sure that vanilla ice cream works too. My sister is trying to convince me that chocolate icec-cream is just chocolate milk frozen, so it is actually good for you.

    I believe her!

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