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Get me coffee!

I am a morning person, irritating to some, I know!  But that is just the way I am.  My whole family are morning people.  We get up early especially on weekends and do stuff.  Or hope to do stuff.  We go for a run, cycle or play golf (in my brother’s case).  We don’t need 5 cups of strong caffeine based beverage to wake up, although I won’t turn one down.


The problem is when your partner is not a morning person!  How do you get your clocks to be in sync?  It is very difficult when you are up at 6 and wide awake and raring to go when your partner wants to sleep in till midday.  It is also a problem at night, because come 9:30 I want to be in bed, tuck up and fast asleep. 


So now the question?  Is being a morning person psychological or do some people really just work on different times.  Is it not more of a fact that you want to sleep late because you are always up past midnight or conversely you can get up early because you have already had your 8 hours and are feeling refreshed.  Although I must admit I can’t really sleep late even if I was up past midnight.


So how many of you are morning people and do your partners run on the same clock.  And if not how do you cope. 

4 thoughts on “Get me coffee!

  1. This isn’t another thinly veiled “I want to get pregnant” post, is it?

    I am a night owl and Mrs 6000 is more of a morning person.

    We have 2 kids. So our hours are defined by them, It all works. Mostly.

  2. I’m a mornin person. But if i wake up early and then put my head bak down i become a midday riser. I most of the time fall asleep in front of the tv and stuf as i also need2sleep by 9ish. I do get moaned at every now and again.its a neverending battle.

  3. 6000 – it is about the training…

    SA – I am pretty much the same, although not till midday. I usually get up when I wake up though.

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