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Death passes

Every now and then you come across someone (in blog land) that you would just love to hate, but can’t.  Go and read this post and see why! Steve in a Speedo!? Gross!


For goodness sake!!!  He just did his personal best in a Half Ironman distance and did the entire run wearing a grim reaper suit – complete with sickle – in the rain! 


By that stage I would normally feel like death…. But to have death pass me well!

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Get this bloody thing off me!

So today we are planning our first open water swim of the season.  And it is cold, and windy, and did I mention cold!  I am really hoping that the sea plays along this afternoon and that the wind dies down.  This will be our first sea swim for a while and I am really looking forward to it. 


A group of us decided we had better get in the water, firstly to see if our wetsuits still fit us (well that was me) and secondly to make sure we don’t freak out in the triathlon on Saturday.  I must admit I am pretty nervous.  This will only be the 3rd time I am in the water since I thought I saw a shark!


Although at the moment I am more worried about embarrassing myself on Saturday.  I will be the person sitting in transition battling to get my wetsuit off.  At least when you are putting it on you have time and privacy.  Getting it off in the middle of a race, with spectators, not good.  Last time I wore it I really battled to get it off and in the end had to ask my sister to pull on the arms.  Hmmmm, I can just see it now!  I will be running around asking spectators to undress me.  The problem is that I bought it when I had been training a bit and was a bit leaner than I am at present!  I will not begin to panic yet though, lets see how this afternoon goes.

    So, I am not going to say whether this is me or is not me in my last open water race, but with my history of looking FANTASTIC in race photos I am sure you can guess.