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Death passes

Every now and then you come across someone (in blog land) that you would just love to hate, but can’t.  Go and read this post and see why! Steve in a Speedo!? Gross!


For goodness sake!!!  He just did his personal best in a Half Ironman distance and did the entire run wearing a grim reaper suit – complete with sickle – in the rain! 


By that stage I would normally feel like death…. But to have death pass me well!

8 thoughts on “Death passes

  1. Hanlie – so glad you made it! And I agree, total waste of time!

    ICE – Yip, Eina!!! You would really haved to hate him if nothing was sore. I think it was a fantastic idea though! Must have been very funny to see.

  2. Well you are a football player, so if you are that far behind after the swim you could always fake an injury.

    But seriously – if I can do triathlon and especially Ironman ANYONE can do it. Before I started training for it I had only ever done short slow races.

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