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Hardcore chicks?

So yesterday a comment was made that the girls in this town are hardcore.  Hardcore???  I am not sure – I think a more appropriate description would be freakin mad!


I went down to the beach last night to go and swim, fully expecting it to be cancelled.  I should have known better.  One of the other girls was already in her wetsuit – and she was the one we most expected to bail.  Hmmm


Anyway, I said absolutely NOT.  There was no way I was getting in that water.  The air temp was 16 and the sea temp a lot less.  I said I would be key holder and sit in my car and watch.  All the men cancelled and went home, mumbling something about hardcore chicks in this town, and the other 3 girls got in the water.  I sat in my car and watched – for about 5 minutes!  I could not do it.  There they were all having fun, going on the first sea swim of the season and I was sitting in my car.  Not on!


I put my wetsuit on in record speed and ran (waddled – that thing was tight) down the beach.  Ouch, eina, owwww.  Holy crap, what was I thinking.  There was nothing to do expect dive in. 


There was a very strong wind blowing but it was a Southwesterly, which flattens the sea a bit so that was fine, the only problem was that the sea was a bit murky.  And then I remembered something!  Something one of my delightful readers had commented on.  This was Shark Rock Pier I had just swum around.  Drat it!  I had just gotten over that fear, and was too cold to think if it at the start until now…. Thanks a lot!


So, my wetsuit fits!  I am very glad that I got in the water, even if it was a bit delayed, but now I do feel a bit more prepared for the triathlon tomorrow.  Bring it on!

3 thoughts on “Hardcore chicks?

  1. I am seriously hoping that by some miracle it has warmed up by tomorrow morning!

    6000 – I will probably be thinking of you again tomorrow and cursing you just as much 2nd time round!

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