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Note to Self!!!

Note to self!!!



Do NOT under any circumstance pick up the “Terror” otherwise known as Bacardi when wearing nothing but a towel.  It is not a good idea.



Our younger cat has started attacking feet, specifically feet that are wet and sensitive and have just stepped out the shower.  As his teeth and claws are sharp I thought to save my feet I would pick him up.  This was not a good idea.  Just as I picked him up our German Sheppard came running around the corner and into the bedroom and jumped at us.  The cat frantically scratched the nearest thing to get away and that happened to be me – NAKED.  After screaming in general and then at both of them and then again in general I looked at my arms and hands and burst out crying.  Ouch, eina, pain!!!  I was scratched to smithereens and there was blood everywhere. 


Cat scratches burn like crazy! 

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Say what????

You know that you are in for a ruff ride when at the start of the swim they announce that they could not put the markers in the sea because of the really bad rip current?????


And what, you still expect me to swim in that! 


Instead of putting out buoy’s they let the lifeguard paddle out on the rescue craft and we had to swim around her.  Luckily she did not go that far out, basically just beyond the breakers.  This was a very good thing for me as I had a bit of a technical malfunction with my goggles!  They leaked – the whole flippen way.  In the end I did breaststroke.  Lets put it this way, it was not one of my better swims but at least it was not as cold as it was on Thursday.


The rest of the race went better, although in my excitement to get to the race I forgot my watch so have no idea of my split times.  At least I know my time on the bike and my average speed was 24.9km/h and I asked the woman recording the times at the end and I did it in 1 hour 35.  Not bad. 


The only bad thing is my race photo’s!!!! Why oh why can’t I at least look slightly decent in an action shot!  I mean this one of me running is me trying to look good because I knew my friend had a camera and was taking photos.  Looking good – I look more like death!!!  He then even had the audacity to go and post it on Facebook. Something about revenge on a comment I made of a photo of him.  I have no idea what he is talking about – heee heee, ok, so the comment was worth it! Even if I now have all my friends and long lost acquaintances looking at this photo!




And – I finally met someone who reads my blog!!  StainedAwe, nice to meet you in person and well done in the race.