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Say what????

You know that you are in for a ruff ride when at the start of the swim they announce that they could not put the markers in the sea because of the really bad rip current?????


And what, you still expect me to swim in that! 


Instead of putting out buoy’s they let the lifeguard paddle out on the rescue craft and we had to swim around her.  Luckily she did not go that far out, basically just beyond the breakers.  This was a very good thing for me as I had a bit of a technical malfunction with my goggles!  They leaked – the whole flippen way.  In the end I did breaststroke.  Lets put it this way, it was not one of my better swims but at least it was not as cold as it was on Thursday.


The rest of the race went better, although in my excitement to get to the race I forgot my watch so have no idea of my split times.  At least I know my time on the bike and my average speed was 24.9km/h and I asked the woman recording the times at the end and I did it in 1 hour 35.  Not bad. 


The only bad thing is my race photo’s!!!! Why oh why can’t I at least look slightly decent in an action shot!  I mean this one of me running is me trying to look good because I knew my friend had a camera and was taking photos.  Looking good – I look more like death!!!  He then even had the audacity to go and post it on Facebook. Something about revenge on a comment I made of a photo of him.  I have no idea what he is talking about – heee heee, ok, so the comment was worth it! Even if I now have all my friends and long lost acquaintances looking at this photo!




And – I finally met someone who reads my blog!!  StainedAwe, nice to meet you in person and well done in the race.



5 thoughts on “Say what????

  1. If we’re being fair and hoest, it’s a big improvement on that last pic we saw of you in action. In the Clover 10km? You look quite professional, actually.

    If you’re struggling to recall the Clover image, I can post a link?

  2. Those swells were killer. At 1 point i checked bak to c how many people wer behind me and wen i looked 4ward again,a huge swell hit me in the face and left me choking and coughin. That lifeguard girl started asking if im ok.

    Even with ur leakin goggles,u did wel on the swim.i just managed2catch u on the bike,but u gained on me on the run as i hurt my leg. That wind after the turnaround sucked big time.

    But it was a nice day and a nice race in the end. So well done.

  3. 6000 – Uhmmm, no that is ok thanks. I think most people would be scarred by that photo.
    SA – and from the photo it looks so flat!! With the bike I really thought I was flying until the turn around! But I enjoyed it and will repeat the process in 2 weeks time.

  4. oh my sack it was ruf !!! i think i was dead last 🙂
    i was also only ment to do the sprint. i got to the halfway mark, out of breath and asked the guy which way…he pointed towards schonies, and i ended up doing the entire cycle. when i got back, i decided that i could just as well do two laps of the run. not bad for my first triathlon.

    but frikin hell the ocean was messy!!!

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