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Happy again.

Last night I thought I did not want to swim.  It was cold and I felt miserable but I went to the gym anyway, however if my training partner had said she did not want to get in the water I would have happily complied.  But I am SOOOO glad that she did not.  She had worked out “a killer routine” and boy oh boy did she mean it.  It was 2km of swimming with not many breaks.  And I loved it!!!!  So much for not being in the mood, as soon as I got in the water I knew it was going to be a good swim.  


The only thing that could have made it better was if the hottie that was in the pool on Tuesday had been swimming – talk about motivation.

6 thoughts on “Happy again.

  1. I am sure that you would need to be doing a whole lot more than just swimming though.

    And with a full gym pool and my husband on the couch at home it is very unlikely!

  2. Some hotties are just so hot they can produce spontaneous pregnancy. It’s a little known fact that 3 of the competitors in Ryk Neetling’s 50m backstroke heats in Beijing fell pregnant with his child.

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