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All Change

Normally things around here seem to go on African time.  But not lately!  Just say you had been out of touch for week or so.  Not that impossible.  You could have been hiking, no cell phone reception, no TV’s, no newspapers.  Actually my idea of heaven….


But there you are minding your own business for a week, and when you come back it is all change.  We have a new president.  My word, talk about a quick turn around.


The one thing I must admit though is that I have been impressed with Thabo, and I am not usually very impressed with Thabo.  He has stepped down quite gracefully and done it in the best way possible for this country.


Now we will just have to see what the future brings.  We will still have elections next year and I doubt the outcome would be any different to what it was going to be anyway.


So that is the end of my political talk.  I normally avoid it on my blog but this is pretty big.


In other BIG news it is a public holiday here tomorrow, it is National Braai (BBQ) Day.  Well not officially, officially it is Heritage Day, but some where along the lines it was decided that a braai is a very South African thing to do and can be celebrated by everyone so now it is Braai Day.  I can’t wait!  Not for the braai, because we do that at least once a week anyway, but for the day off.  I am planning on going for a cycle in the morning!  Lets hope the weather plays along, if it stays like it is today it would be awesome!


8 thoughts on “All Change

  1. 6000 – the crime rate in SA is so bad you even get your titles stolen. Actually, sorry, I had read your post, but when I thought of my title for some reason it just seemed to fit. Now I know why.

    At least I got to have a braai, but with the wind I did not ride. Hmmmm, Lets hope the weekend is going to be better.

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