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I kissed a girl…

Ok, not really but that flippen song is stuck in my head!!!!



Last night I knew exactly what I was going to blog about!  I was so annoyed and wanted to write about it.  However, when I got home and told my husband the story it seemed a bit pathetic.  Why had it upset me so much?  It was not like I had been physically harmed, I had not been put in danger, I had not even been sworn at or anything like that.


I think it was because it went against the rules, both of the pool and of good nature.  And I am a real stickler for rules! 


Here is what happened, although now I just think it is funny and the guy is a complete arse!


We are 3 girls that swim together twice a week.  We use the gym pool and although it is usually pretty full we can generally find one open lane and a lane next to it with just one person in it.  Two of us will then share a lane and the 3rd will swim in the lane with the other person.  That is what happened – or was meant to happen last nigh.  The lane next to the edge of the pool was open and the lane next to that one just had one person in it.  We stood at the end of the pool trying to wait for the man on his own in the lane to come to the end so we could ask him if one of us could share his lane.  We were blatantly ignored! Initially he just rested at the other end of the pool, but then when he did stop briefly at our side I asked him if we could share he swam off.  The next time he got close I asked – loudly – if one of us could share.  It looked like he was about to have  spasm!!!  He said “Absolutely not, I don’t like to be boxed in.  You can’t share this lane.!’ And totally started freaking.  A total over reaction, and against the rules of the pool.  We could have just jumped in and shared with him but thought we would be polite.  So much for that.


Anyway the 3 of us jumped in the open lane.  Two of us are a similar speed so we swam behind one another and then when we got to the end the one in front would turn and swim under the other.  The other girl just swam up and down next to us.  It actually worked pretty well, so in the end was not a problem. 


We saw other girl ask the man if she could share his lane as by that stage all the lanes had at least 2 people in them besides his.  He said no to her too.  Then a bit later a man just jumped in next to him.  He did not say anything.  So what – does he just not want to share with girls or is it because we are all polite and ask first?  It is not that he is a fantastic swimmer and we are going to mess up his rhythm as 2 of us swim better than him anyway???  If he does not want to share a lane then he should not come to the pool at the busiest time of day. 


Anyway, it was annoying at the time, and I am sure it will be again when he is there again on his own in a lane. But for now, I am over it!  And am just looking forward to the triathlon on Sunday, lets hope the wind does not blow.


Oh yes, and my brother came 3rd in the competition on Wednesday!