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So I think I’ve remembered everything?

So I decided to get organized for this triathlon.  I set everything out on Saturday.  Last time I forgot my watch and a towel so this time I was determined that I would remember everything!  And I did – except to shave my legs….


I woke up on Sunday morning and debated it, but thought they were not too bad and nobody would notice anyway.  I mean I had shaved them on Friday so it was only a day and a bit.  I got down to registration, paid my fees and then went for body marking – oh crap I had forgotten about that!  They write your race number on your leg with black marker pen.  This meant somebody else was getting up close and personal with my prickly legs.  And it was cold and I had goose bumps which made things seem much worse than they actually were!  Embarrassment!  So after each triathlon you learn a bit more. 


Other than that – and something very dodging going on with bike computer all went well.


I got into transition after the swim and there were still bikes there.  Bikes – yippee, that meant I was not last coming out the water!  It was a novel experience and one I liked!  The rest of the race went pretty well too, although I am not sure how fast I went on my bike as the computer thingy went all funny on me, but I must have done pretty well.  My time for the whole thing was the same as last time – even though they had extended the swim.  I am very happy with it.


The only think I am not happy with is my shoulder.  It is still playing up and I think I am going to have to rest it for a week or so.  So no swimming for me this week!  It is also the start of the Ocean Racing Series on Sunday and I want to compete in that, so I will take it easy and see how I feel on Sunday morning.