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Green does not suit me

I don’t know how to admit to this, or even who to tell.  I can’t tell my husband – I am too ashamed.  He would not understand!  I don’t think there is anybody who will really understand.  It is taking over my whole life, I spend hours on the internet, I can’t even watch TV with out thinking about it.  I can’t leave my house without it affecting me.


I suppose admitting to it is the first step in tackling the problem head on….


So here goes:


Hi, my name is Pamela and I have Bike Envy!!!!


Yip, that is right, I can’t look at a bicycle without looking at its various bits and pieces.  What parts does it have, are they 105’s, Ultegra, Dura Ace or something else?  Is it a full carbon frame?  Is it women specific?  Ouuuwww a Tri Bike.  Look, pretty, pretty, pretty.  Much better than mine… And then I turn a very nasty shade of green.  I think I cover most of the 7 sins with just one glance.


I like, I want, I need!!!! 


But unfortunately it is not to be.  I must be rational and think about this!  Would I like a full carbon, tri bike???  Absolutely!!!  Do I actually need a full carbon tri bike, or any tri bike for that matter? Probably NOT!  They are damn expensive, they are pretty limiting as you can only triathlon or time trials on them and did I mention they are damn expensive.


I have a entry level road bike which I used in my last Ironman and it got me to the end just before cut off!  The problem is now I have a bee in my bonnet about getting one!  I don’t do things in half measures, so when I decided I want something I investigate – ahhh, joys of internet!  I spend hours online and this is not very conducive to work!  I need to stop.  I DON’T NEED a Tri bike.  However if somebody should just happen to feel like giving me one I will not say no.  Please –please – please somebody put me out of my misery and give me a tri bike.