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Back in the water

As I might have mentioned (a couple of times or more) I have been really battling with my shoulders and so have not been doing ANY training except cycling.  The have not been getting better and I have been getting frustrated! 


So what did I do yesterday – I went swimming.  I figured resting is not working so maybe active recover might just do the trick.  And what happened – nothing!  That’s right, nothing.  They did not feel perfect but did not feel any worse than if I had not swam.


So I am back swimming – but am going to take it easy.  I won’t be doing the open water swim tonight (even though it is a perfect day) and I won’t be doing the race on Sunday!  I will get back in the pool on Tuesday and see how it goes.  Yay!!!!

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“Redistribution” in its latest form

So if you discovered another blog that had posted your blog posts on it how would you feel and what would you do? 


I found this site that had copied some of my posts on to it.  Under author it did say my name, pamiejane, but did not mention my actual blog’s name or seem to have a direct link back to this blog. 


Except when you tried to comment, which I found out because I wanted to say if they were going to have the audacity to copy my blog posts they could at least direct readers to my actual blog.  I found though that if you tried to click on the comments you are automatically directed here?


What would you do?  Obviously I don’t mind that my posts are getting read, but I must admit that I am not that happy about this.  I blog because I enjoy it and I like the interaction with people that read my blog.  I just feel that this is not on, but I don’t really know what to do about it.  I have read of others having a lot worse than this though.  Where the people “stealing” the posts have claimed they have written them, or taken the photos, or in the worst case I read about actually claimed that the people in the photo’s were their family.  This feels like an invasion of privacy, although I know blogging is a very public thing.  Hmmmmph???????


And no, I am not going to say which site, I don’t want more people going there!  Anyway, it is not pretty or well done.  Stay here, it is much nicer and you can read the same stuff anyway!

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This is soooooo embarrassing to admit.

more animals

A rather embarrassing situation has occurred. So far I have managed to keep it contained to the walls of my house but the temptation to go outside is huge!  I never in a million years thought this would happen to me, but it has. 


It was not really my fault; they were given to me – really!  The company sponsor’s the Ocean Racing Series.  I promise, I did not buy them, but once I had them I had to put them on.  And once I put them on I walked around a bit in them, just to try them out you understand.  I was not going to wear them on a regular basis.  Not me, I am just not that kind of girl.


But, well, they live up to the hype.  They are darn comfy, and versatile and did I mention comfy.  They don’t get ruined if you walk from inside into the back garden like my slippers do!  Oh drat it.  I feel it is something I need to admit to, so I can work through this.  I LOVE wearing my CROC’s!  I am still too embarrassed to wear them in public though.  After all the slating I have done, I just don’t think I could take the backlash!

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Thank you.

Thank you so much for all your good luck wishes.  I think the exam went well.  Or at least I thought it went very well until I started checking the answers!  I put the book away and will worry about it when the results come.  There is nothing I can do now anyway.




Then, I took these photo’s a couple of weeks ago.  It was the morning of the Ocean Race Series where I pulled out after a couple of meters because of my shoulder.  Now you can see why I was so miserable. The sea, although cold, was perfect for swimming!!!! 




Perfect Sea from Hobie Beach



Hobie Beach
Hobie Beach




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Hold thumbs!

Hold thumbs for me!


I am on study leave from this afternoon and will only be back at work on Tuesday! So NO internet access for me.  I must study, so no visits to my moms to use her computer either! 


I write on Monday, and am pretty nervous.  That could be down to the serious lack of studying done though.  At least I have read through everything once already and it does not appear to be too complicated!  This weekend I am going to have to knuckle down.


I have sent my bike in to the shop to have the setup adjusted (hopefully that is the source of my shoulder problems) and although they said it would be ready tomorrow I have said I will only go and fetch it on Monday.  So I can’t be tempted to ride over the weekend!  I never thought that would be problem.  That I would actually WANT to ride.  It used to be my least favourite discipline of the 3 and now it is my most favourite – well after swimming. So make that my 2nd most favouite! 


So all other distractions aside – like weeding the garden and cleaning my cupboard – I will be studying! 

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Oops, was that Live?


There are some things that you just have to watch a couple of times.  I am not sure if it because you feel their pain and embarrasement, or you are just glad it is not you. But to have this happen on LIVE TV is not a good way to start your day. 

I know it is not nice, but I have laughing ever since I watched this.

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It’s in the Genes

After completing that meme about Mr O, it kind of got me thinking.  If (when) we have kids what would I rather they took after him in?


I mean those poor kids, if they take after me or my side of the family as far as singing goes they are doomed.  I can’t sing, my mom most definitely can’t sing (although she’s not one to let that get in her way), my dad can’t sing (or at least I have never even heard him try) and neither of my siblings can sing.  So, lets hope they get their singing ability from Mr O.  Maybe they can get their artistic ability from me instead?


The other thing is ball-skills or eye hand coordination – I have NONE!!!  If my kids are going to support me in my old age by playing golf, tennis, soccer or rugby it is not going to have come from me!  Athletic ability, well we are both ok in that.  Mr O is more competitive that I am so maybe they would go further in what ever they tried (sports or otherwise) if they took after him.


Looks wise I don’t really mind.  I am happy with the way I look and obviously I like Mr O otherwise I would not have married him.  From photos of when he was a kid he was really cute, all blonde and blue eyed.  Except, maybe they should rather take after me as far as eye’s go.  I have 20/20 vision and his – well not so good.


So, is there anything that you would prefer your kids took after your partner in as apposed to you?  Or do you look at your kids and say, shame he took after me with that?

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Stand by your man

I don’t usually write much about my husband and felt it a bit unfair to leave him out.  So here is some info.  It is a meme that I found at Gill’s Jottings and as I can’t really think of much else to write today, except to moan once again abuot the pain in my shoulders I thought this perfect for today.

1. Who is your man?  Mr O – love of my life!  Darling husband and discipliner of our two dogs (not that they listen to either of us).

2. How long have you been together? We have been together for 23 months.  We met in November 2006.

3. How long did you date before you got married? 9 months (10 months after we first met)

4. How old is your man? He is 38, 22 months older than me.

5. Who eats more? At meal times he does, things like chocolates and biltong I do.

6. Who said “I love you” first? I did, we had been for lunch and were walking along the beach.  It was about 2 weeks after we started dating seriously.

7. Who is taller?  He is, although the standing joke in our family is that he is too short for me.  On about our third date he asked me if I thought the relationship was going anywhere and I said “NO” as he was too short.  Hmmmm!  Ok, so I had really high heels on and he seemed a lot shorter to me.

8. Who sings better?  There is NO doubt about that one!  He does!

9. Who is smarter?  He says me.  I think we are both smart but in different ways.

10. Whose temper is worse?  I would have to say his.  I have not really lost mine since we have been together.  Unless I am driving, but then that does not count?  Does it???

11. Who does the laundry?  I put the washing in the machine and the maid takes care of the rest.  I told him when we first started dating that I DON’T EVER do ironing.  And so far I have not had to.  If the maid has not been then he will iron his own shirts.

12. Who takes out the garbage? He does.

13. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? If you are looking at the bed then I do.  If you are lying in it staring at the ceiling then he does.

14. Who pays the bills?  We each have designated things that we pay.

15. Who is better with the computer?  It depends on what you have to do.  He is probably better at Excel and Access.  I am better at everything else.

16. Who mows the lawn? The garden service comes every 2nd week to do that.  Before we had them Mr O did it.

17. Who cooks dinner?  We take turns. I would say it is probably about 65% Me, 45% him.

18. Who drives when you are together? Usually Mr O.  He is a terrible back seat driver and I get rather annoyed when he keeps telling me what to do, that it is just easier to have him drive.

19. Who pays when you go out?  We take turns, although we have not been out in a while.

20. Who is the most stubborn? By far him.

21. Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Me, usually even when I am not.  I hate conflict, and must learn to stand up for myself.

22. Whose parents do you see most? Mine, they live in the same city as us and my mom has a habit of popping by unexpectedly.  She lives just down the road.

23. Who kissed who first?  I kissed him first, after me telling him the relationship was going nowhere he was not all that sure if I had changed my mind or not.

24. Who asked who out? He asked me out the first time.  After telling him the relationship was going nowhere he understandably did not ask me out again.  I realized that I had made a HUGE mistake and asked him out for pizza.  Since then we have been inseperable.

25. Who proposed?  He did, but I made sure the scene was set.  I knew he had the ring!

26. Who is most sensitive? We both are in certain situations.

27. Who has the most friends? Neither of us have that many.  Quality not quantity.  However Mr O’s friends all live in a different town so we see mine more often.

28. Who has more siblings? I do.  I have a brother and sister, he has a sister.

29. Who wears the pants in the family? We are still working that one out.  I would probably have to say him, but he might say me.

30. How did you meet?, Oh the joys of the internet!!!!  

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Then again maybe I am

Are you a feminist – or do you think you would have been if necessary?


I don’t think I am, but then I guess I should thank all the people that came before me and fought for stuff that I now take for granted. 


However!!!  There are some things that really annoy me.  My hackles rise and I just get generally pissed off.  It is when I am not taken seriously or my decision does not seem to count (or I am asked to make tea at work – but that’s another story).


Lately both occasions have happened in regards to my rental property.  Once, before I was married and then again this week.


LONG before my husband and I met I bought a house and walled piece of land with a couple of garages on it.  I have always rented these out.  A couple of years ago, when I was showing somebody the garages to rent out the man said to me.  “I think you should first discuss this with your husband, you can’t just let out a man’s garage”.  Mmmmmm, lets think about this shall we??????  No!!!  Well I don’t think the poor man knew what hit him, but lets just say it was a barrage of statements along the lines of “If I had a man in my life, which I thankfully don’t if you are anything to go by……” and “I don’t need to discuss this with anyone” and then “Women can own property without the permission of a man…..” and well lets just say he did not get the garage, and left with his ears ringing.


Then this week – and I think I handled it slightly better this time – I need some maintenance work done on the houses.  I showed the builder round and he said, “I will send you a quote so that you and your husband can discuss it”.  Now yes, I agree, that some things might need to be discussed, but not this.  My house, my money, my decision!  I just said to him, “yes, please fax it through to me and I’ll make a decision”. 


So, no I am not a feminist, but believe me if I did not feel that I had equal rights I probably would fight very hard for them.  But then again, maybe considering yesterday’s post, it is another title that I don’t feel happy being defined by.

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Defining Moments

Often I see on blogs and other places when asked to describe yourself people write one word answers, or sometimes a list, but also of one word descriptions.  Things like; photographer, artists, Ironman, runner. 


I can’t do that.  I can’t define myself by one word answers and if people describe me in that way I get embarrassed.  Why is this?  If somebody says, “Oh, you’re an Ironman?” I will reply something along the lines “Yes, I have done an Ironman.”  The same with being an artist or runner.  I will say that I paint, or run or whatever, but not that I am a runner.


Is this a confidence thing?  It is the same with the word “woman”.  I really battle to describe myself using the word woman.  However I don’t have a problem with girl?  Odd, you would think at the grand old age of 36 I could actually call myself a woman.  That just sounds so – well OLD – and mature and grown up, and I don’t feel that way.


Maybe if I have kids, I would not mind “mother” but I think I would even battle with that.  Is it because I don’t like being defined by such narrow constraints and feel there is so much more to me than just that one thing?  I am not sure?


Maybe if I had a set, defined career. Something where I actually was something and not just filling a job.  Maybe then I would be able to say, “I am an Architect, or Accountant or Photographer”, or whatever the case might be.  It sounds a bit doff to say “I am a Key Accounts Consultant”???????


So if I had to write a list of one word things?????  Well actually I can’t, I started and realized the only two that I regularly define myself as is Daughter and Sister.