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How much is too much?

For those of you who have blogs how much information about yourself are you willing to divulge.  And are there certain things you would never discuss?  What topics are out of bounds?  Are you willing to put pictures of yourself on your blog and what about pictures of your friends and family – or do you ask their permission first.


When I first started my blog I tried not to give much away, I never mentioned my name or showed photos.  That was until I realized there was no need for my name or picture to give it away.  So then why was I keeping it anonymous???  Even so I was still a bit apprehensive about putting my picture up.  I was even more apprehensive about putting my family’s pictures on.  If I did I would always block their faces.  I was not sure how they would react if one of their friends found this blog reported back to them.  I am still a bit apprehensive about putting anyone else’s picture on besides mine. 


I guess as time has gone by I have become more open as to who I am, I also have noticed that the blogs I read are ones where I know the writers name and what they look like.  Did you all start off giving this information right from the start or did you give away more the longer you had your blog?


Now a bit off the topic:


Having the blog and the fact that it was so public has never really bothered me.  I guess I just lived in a little ignorant (on purpose) world where I though nobody would find it.  I did not (and still have not) told many of my friends about it.  I did tell my family and although I know Mr Ordinary has looked at it from time to time I don’t think many of my other family members are that interest.


I have also never had a problem thinking that strangers are reading it.  I suppose I am more worried about people that know me or at least know who I am or could figure it out?  Especially when I look at how people have found it lately, using searches on Google like: Ocean Racing Series; Ironman and the Clover 10km (yes I am talking about you SA).  PE is not that big and especially with events like these you tend to know someone that knows somebody.  I feel a bit unsettled that I might be talking to somebody at one of these events and they know that I forgot to shave my legs.  Not that I am saying that I don’t want people reading my blog – far from it.  I guess what I am saying is that if you are reading my blog COMMENT!!! I want to know who you are too.  At least then I won’t bore you in conversation with stuff that you have already read about.

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Global warming, I think not?????

On Sunday it is the first swim of the Ocean Racing Series!!  I have been waiting for this for – well since the end of the last series in March. 


There is only one little problem – the weather forecast!!!  Where the heck is global warming????  It is October and supposed to be spring going into summer and it looks like this – maximum 19!  Surely that can’t be right???


Let’s hope they have it wrong (quite possible) and it turns out to be a beautiful day.  I am holding thumbs



Sunday, 05 October 20085 October 2008


Min Temp:


Max Temp:



Partly cloudy.


light southerly but fresh easterly in the afternoon



Sun Rise:


Sun Set:


Moon Rise:


Moon Set:


Moon Phase: