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Rain drops keep falling on my head

Holy crap – when I said we needed rain yesterday I did not mean this much!!! 


And now the tenants in my house just phoned me!  The roof is leaking and there is water everywhere!  Drat and damn, if it is not one thing with those houses then it is another.


Lets just hope that it is not a major problem.

6 thoughts on “Rain drops keep falling on my head

  1. Hanlie – It was so bad here this morning that we actually had hail stones!!! There were even a few roads that were closed. I think people were beginning to think we were in for flooding.

    ICE – Enjoy! At least I have the benefit of knowing that summer should be on it’s way soon (hopefully).

  2. I heard P.E had so much rain, my sister said 80ml in 2 hours, wow, Witbank could do with that!
    She couldn’t get to her home on their dirt road and had to drive through the veld to get home!!!

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