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My latest Painting

Here is a photo of my latest completed painting!

I can claim no credit for the composition as I copied it from a photo taken by Jeanette.  I saw this photo on her blog and emailed her for permission to copy it.  She got permission from both the mom’s – so thanks to all of you.

I really enjoyed painting this picture!  It took me quite a while, but I think it was worth it.  It is done with oils on canvas.



13 thoughts on “My latest Painting

  1. Emil & ICE – Thanks
    SA – No I did not I am still really battling with my shoulder and was back at the physio this morning. Did you?

  2. I did. I tried the full distance. it was long and it hurt. at least i finished, but I won’t say that I finished last… 🙂

    So what does the physio say about your shoulder?

  3. Jennifer and Charlise – thanks

    Jenty – I thought your photo was fantastic and love the concentration on the little ones face. Thank you so much for letting me paint it. I really enjoyed doing it.

    SA – Well done! She says to lay off swimming and running for now and go back on Thursday to see. Lots of streches and repositioning required, but does not think there is any serious damage – thankfully!!!

  4. No words can describe to what you did. That is an amazing job! And true it was worth all your time and effort because you’ve made justice to it. I must be thankful because they gave you the permission to do a painting version of that photo. You must be a great painter for doing such a wonderful artwork.

    I hope to see more of your work soon.
    Keep it up!


  5. Hanlie – Thanks
    jenni – I have a scheduled art class that I go to every Wednesday night. Otherwise I doubt I would ever find the time.
    John – thank you very much.

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