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Ask a busy person – just not me!

As I have mentioned on my blog somewhere or other, and at least once or twice I have one more exam left, which if I pass will see me “learned” or “degreed” or something equally as useful in my daily life.  Well this morning my Mr O and I were discussing what I would study once I had finished this and I said “NOTHING!”  His answer however surprised me greatly.  He said “GOOD”.


Not at all the answer I was expecting.  I asked him why he said good and he said he thinks I should take a year or so break.  I said yes, I probably need it, I have been studying for a while and with training for Ironman I will be quite busy anyway.  He then said he thinks that’s the way I like it?  Hmmmm????  “With the studying, the training, the painting, the garden, my blog and all the other stuff I do I am always busy and that this was probably the way I liked it”.


Now that just struck me as odd, because I have never thought of myself as a busy person?  I know I am a person that needs variety, and a bit of a challenge but busy….. nope, never seen myself as busy.  Someone who spends too much time in front of the TV in the evenings possibly, but busy….nope? 


I suppose I could blame (or thank) my mom for me always doing something.  When we were kids she would not let us watch TV or even go to the movies during the day.  She always said to us, “It is a beautiful day (no matter the weather), you need to be doing something not just sitting watching movies”.  In fact it became a standing joke amongst all my friends and if some body asked me to movies during the daytime they would say “She can’t go she needs to be doing something.”  I later found out that my sibling’s friends all repeat the same thing back to them as well.