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Defining Moments

Often I see on blogs and other places when asked to describe yourself people write one word answers, or sometimes a list, but also of one word descriptions.  Things like; photographer, artists, Ironman, runner. 


I can’t do that.  I can’t define myself by one word answers and if people describe me in that way I get embarrassed.  Why is this?  If somebody says, “Oh, you’re an Ironman?” I will reply something along the lines “Yes, I have done an Ironman.”  The same with being an artist or runner.  I will say that I paint, or run or whatever, but not that I am a runner.


Is this a confidence thing?  It is the same with the word “woman”.  I really battle to describe myself using the word woman.  However I don’t have a problem with girl?  Odd, you would think at the grand old age of 36 I could actually call myself a woman.  That just sounds so – well OLD – and mature and grown up, and I don’t feel that way.


Maybe if I have kids, I would not mind “mother” but I think I would even battle with that.  Is it because I don’t like being defined by such narrow constraints and feel there is so much more to me than just that one thing?  I am not sure?


Maybe if I had a set, defined career. Something where I actually was something and not just filling a job.  Maybe then I would be able to say, “I am an Architect, or Accountant or Photographer”, or whatever the case might be.  It sounds a bit doff to say “I am a Key Accounts Consultant”???????


So if I had to write a list of one word things?????  Well actually I can’t, I started and realized the only two that I regularly define myself as is Daughter and Sister.

6 thoughts on “Defining Moments

  1. I know exactly what you mean. I feel really weird calling myself a woman. But at the same time, if I heard someone else at age 43 calling themself a girl, I’d be “yeah, right! You’re a woman!”

    I comfortably call myself a wife, a mother, a daughter. When I had a more professional job, I could call myself a ‘radiographic technologist’.

    But now I’m a girl who works on a farm 🙂 and I like that a lot better.

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