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Then again maybe I am

Are you a feminist – or do you think you would have been if necessary?


I don’t think I am, but then I guess I should thank all the people that came before me and fought for stuff that I now take for granted. 


However!!!  There are some things that really annoy me.  My hackles rise and I just get generally pissed off.  It is when I am not taken seriously or my decision does not seem to count (or I am asked to make tea at work – but that’s another story).


Lately both occasions have happened in regards to my rental property.  Once, before I was married and then again this week.


LONG before my husband and I met I bought a house and walled piece of land with a couple of garages on it.  I have always rented these out.  A couple of years ago, when I was showing somebody the garages to rent out the man said to me.  “I think you should first discuss this with your husband, you can’t just let out a man’s garage”.  Mmmmmm, lets think about this shall we??????  No!!!  Well I don’t think the poor man knew what hit him, but lets just say it was a barrage of statements along the lines of “If I had a man in my life, which I thankfully don’t if you are anything to go by……” and “I don’t need to discuss this with anyone” and then “Women can own property without the permission of a man…..” and well lets just say he did not get the garage, and left with his ears ringing.


Then this week – and I think I handled it slightly better this time – I need some maintenance work done on the houses.  I showed the builder round and he said, “I will send you a quote so that you and your husband can discuss it”.  Now yes, I agree, that some things might need to be discussed, but not this.  My house, my money, my decision!  I just said to him, “yes, please fax it through to me and I’ll make a decision”. 


So, no I am not a feminist, but believe me if I did not feel that I had equal rights I probably would fight very hard for them.  But then again, maybe considering yesterday’s post, it is another title that I don’t feel happy being defined by.

4 thoughts on “Then again maybe I am

  1. “If I had a man in my life, which I thankfully don’t if you are anything to go by……” and “I don’t need to discuss this with anyone” and then “Women can own property without the permission of a man…..”

    WOW …. PMT?

    I think you are taking this too far out of perspective. For example this builder probably hears every day the line ‘I need to discuss it with my husband’

    Quite possibly he is sexist, but maybe he was just being decent and giving you the opportunity to discuss it with your husband, which is what all couples should do for any major building work.

    The guy at the garage incident was similar, although probably a little more misguided. He was simply showing you and your ‘husband’ respect, at least from his understanding of life and garages. I am not saying his point of view is right on the ownership of garages, but that does not mean he deserves his head being bitten off.

    FYI: I probably would have been a feminist. But that was back in the time of the toll puddle martyers.

  2. OMG – Thank you for visiting my blog. Surprised at your age you managed to work technology. Just joking – I looked up Tolpuddle Martyrs. Very interesting.
    So, maybe a bit of an overreaction to the first incident, but I was talking so quickly I doubt he actually even knew what I said. I am sure he got the gist of it though. You are right about the second man being decent. Besides that comment he was actually very nice, and he will be getting the job.

  3. Hi Pam – love the new blog! Glad to see that you moved from iblog. The time it used to take to try and leave a comment used to drive me insane.

    I had the same experience when we were having paving done to our house – I took such exception I wrote to the Star newspaper putting in all the details and the name of the company – wow the MD phoned me and apologised … blah blah … I told him to shove it and got someone else in (who never met my husband in all the time it took them to do the paving).

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