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It’s in the Genes

After completing that meme about Mr O, it kind of got me thinking.  If (when) we have kids what would I rather they took after him in?


I mean those poor kids, if they take after me or my side of the family as far as singing goes they are doomed.  I can’t sing, my mom most definitely can’t sing (although she’s not one to let that get in her way), my dad can’t sing (or at least I have never even heard him try) and neither of my siblings can sing.  So, lets hope they get their singing ability from Mr O.  Maybe they can get their artistic ability from me instead?


The other thing is ball-skills or eye hand coordination – I have NONE!!!  If my kids are going to support me in my old age by playing golf, tennis, soccer or rugby it is not going to have come from me!  Athletic ability, well we are both ok in that.  Mr O is more competitive that I am so maybe they would go further in what ever they tried (sports or otherwise) if they took after him.


Looks wise I don’t really mind.  I am happy with the way I look and obviously I like Mr O otherwise I would not have married him.  From photos of when he was a kid he was really cute, all blonde and blue eyed.  Except, maybe they should rather take after me as far as eye’s go.  I have 20/20 vision and his – well not so good.


So, is there anything that you would prefer your kids took after your partner in as apposed to you?  Or do you look at your kids and say, shame he took after me with that?

2 thoughts on “It’s in the Genes

  1. Ditto on the ball sense and co-ordination! Neither of us are musical or particularly artistic, so we’d have to hope for some ancestral genes to manifest. He is shorter than me, so I hope our kids would have the height. But they should have his endurance and love of exercise. I think our offspring would be an interesting bunch!

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