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Thank you.

Thank you so much for all your good luck wishes.  I think the exam went well.  Or at least I thought it went very well until I started checking the answers!  I put the book away and will worry about it when the results come.  There is nothing I can do now anyway.




Then, I took these photo’s a couple of weeks ago.  It was the morning of the Ocean Race Series where I pulled out after a couple of meters because of my shoulder.  Now you can see why I was so miserable. The sea, although cold, was perfect for swimming!!!! 




Perfect Sea from Hobie Beach



Hobie Beach
Hobie Beach





3 thoughts on “Thank you.

  1. Rox – Thanks
    6000 – perfect for Open Water Swimming, but I agree not perfect beach weather. Especially not when it started to rain about 1/2 a hour later. Not that I would have noticed had I still been in the water!!!

    I should get my results mid December

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