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This is soooooo embarrassing to admit.

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A rather embarrassing situation has occurred. So far I have managed to keep it contained to the walls of my house but the temptation to go outside is huge!  I never in a million years thought this would happen to me, but it has. 


It was not really my fault; they were given to me – really!  The company sponsor’s the Ocean Racing Series.  I promise, I did not buy them, but once I had them I had to put them on.  And once I put them on I walked around a bit in them, just to try them out you understand.  I was not going to wear them on a regular basis.  Not me, I am just not that kind of girl.


But, well, they live up to the hype.  They are darn comfy, and versatile and did I mention comfy.  They don’t get ruined if you walk from inside into the back garden like my slippers do!  Oh drat it.  I feel it is something I need to admit to, so I can work through this.  I LOVE wearing my CROC’s!  I am still too embarrassed to wear them in public though.  After all the slating I have done, I just don’t think I could take the backlash!


10 thoughts on “This is soooooo embarrassing to admit.

  1. Oh Snap! I always had a lot to say about Crocs, but since I slipped on a pair of my husband’s, I’m addicted. They are now officially my slippers/homeware shoes. I just can’t get it over my heart to wear them out though!

  2. I love my crocs too, for all the reasons that you mention, but I also don’t wear them out much 😉 I have updated my blog roll, thanks for letting me know.

  3. My name is Jennifer and I am a secret croc-lover.

    Welcome to the dark side! But, like most everyone here, I don’t wear them out in public. Just around the house and in the backgarden.

    fyi – crocs make all different kinds of shoes, and their version of a flip-flop is cute (!!!) and sooooo comfortable.

  4. Gill – I still can’t bring myself to cross our boundary line with them on my feet.
    Kirsten – I could imagine that could be a big problem when it heats up.
    Jennifer – There seem to be quite a few of us closet Croc wearers????? I do like the flip-flop. My brother bought those when he was in the US. They have brought them out here now too. Unfortantely they were not giving options when they were giving out the ones I received.

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