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“Redistribution” in its latest form

So if you discovered another blog that had posted your blog posts on it how would you feel and what would you do? 


I found this site that had copied some of my posts on to it.  Under author it did say my name, pamiejane, but did not mention my actual blog’s name or seem to have a direct link back to this blog. 


Except when you tried to comment, which I found out because I wanted to say if they were going to have the audacity to copy my blog posts they could at least direct readers to my actual blog.  I found though that if you tried to click on the comments you are automatically directed here?


What would you do?  Obviously I don’t mind that my posts are getting read, but I must admit that I am not that happy about this.  I blog because I enjoy it and I like the interaction with people that read my blog.  I just feel that this is not on, but I don’t really know what to do about it.  I have read of others having a lot worse than this though.  Where the people “stealing” the posts have claimed they have written them, or taken the photos, or in the worst case I read about actually claimed that the people in the photo’s were their family.  This feels like an invasion of privacy, although I know blogging is a very public thing.  Hmmmmph???????


And no, I am not going to say which site, I don’t want more people going there!  Anyway, it is not pretty or well done.  Stay here, it is much nicer and you can read the same stuff anyway!


14 thoughts on ““Redistribution” in its latest form

  1. That is such a cheek!
    I mean, great if someone likes your stuff that much – but that is SO not the way to do things!

    By the way, how did you find the other blog?

  2. I went onto Afrigator and because they had at least linked back when you click on the comments it showed up there. I was very suprised when I noticed. It is not just my blog they do it to though. There were quite a few different “authors” so I am guessing that the others probably also don’t know.

  3. I know shocking hey!
    Well actually they were fussy in which posts were elected for redistribution and for some reason that one was not selected!

  4. Hey there!! Thanks so much for checking out my blog and for leaving a comment 🙂 Its great to keep in touch with others from KZN.

    Cant believe these people copied your blog posts! Terrible. Awful. Hopefully they read this post and stop.

  5. You’ve been hijacked! It’s unbelievable! It reminds of the time that Tertia (So Close) discovered that some blogger in Europe used Tertia’s pictures of herself and her family to “create” a family of her own… She gave the kids names, blogged about them, etc. Unreal!

  6. Yes, I read that. It is unreal what some people do. I have heard of a couple of similar stories lately. So mine is very pale in comparison.

  7. Ooh, that is kind of creepy.

    Years back a very talented photographer I know discovered that another woman IN HER AREA had copied her business website and images, then tried to pass them off as her own. Can you imagine that? What a horrible violation.

    I just don’t get how some people think…not at all.


  8. Pretty pathetic to try to pass off someone else’s posts as their own. Here’s an idea: just don’t blog if you don’t have anything to say, but don’t go stealing what others have written.

    Hopefully they won’t steal from you now that you’re on to them.

    And of course we’ll stay here. We love it here. 🙂

  9. I get that too, but they’re spamming sites, so I haven’t taken much notice of them. Maybe I should.
    There’s one site in particular that my spam software picks up all the time.

  10. 6000 – Thanks for looking at it. I have had other spam – aggregator sites do this, but usually I get a notification. Those I have ignored, they have also not usually posted my whole blogpost, just a section with a link back.
    Jeanette – I am not sure what you could do about it. I think it is just a bit annoying that you don’t have control over what happens to stuff you have written.
    Kirsten – That is SHOCKING! I am so aware of not coping others stuff, even if its a photo I want to paint, I will ask the photographer. What is the point of passing it off as your own, the satisfaction must be from taking the shot so how do you get satisfaction from stealing it?
    Charisa – not sure!

  11. Hi Ordinarylife! Great to follow the link from iblog – finally! How awful to have people copy your stuff. From the sound of those who have commented – most bloggers have more integrity. But that is the nature of the animal – we all know that we take this risk. Glad so many bloggers have been outraged!

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