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No doubt!

Somebody said I was going to be their mentor!  Me?????  I am very honoured but don’t really think I am qualified for the role.


A bit of background – a few years ago, I met this guy.  He was (is) lovely but he was a friend of a friend and when that friend went overseas, we kind of lost touch.  However in July I bumped into him again.  PE is small and everybody knows everybody and well it turns out he is also friend of one of my training partners.


When I met him again I was so impressed.  He has always (and still is) battling with his weight and I don’t mean he is just slightly over weight.  He is a very, very large man.  But he decided to start running!  When I bumped into him in July it was at the start of a half marathon.  Holy Crap!!!!!  He had been training and although slow he finished within the cut off.  Very, very impressive!


We got chatting and it turns out he has put his mind to doing Ironman in April 2009 – and I believe he can do it – the problem is that most of the people he speaks to don’t!  I can’t say that I understand his situation, because mine and his are very different, but I know what it is like to have everyone think you won’t be able to do it.  I also know that it is the best feeling in the world when you prove them wrong.


If he really wants to finish then I think he will.  Yes, he is going to battle!  And yes, he really needs to improve his cycling (hectically) but I went round there yesterday and gave him a beginners programme that I used so hopefully with a structured program he will have the motivation to continue.  He has also consulted his doctor and has the go ahead from him.  So…..


I will keep you updated!


7 thoughts on “No doubt!

  1. He’ll need it with PJ as a mentor.

    “Don’t go in the water, there might be sharks”
    “Don’t run – it’s raining!”
    “Don’t cycle – unless you get a proper bike”

    Still – she does more exercise than me. I get enough exercise just pushing my luck.

  2. Bel – thanks
    6000 – What you talking about? You get lots of exercise. What with pushing your luck, shovelling @#$$, running your mouth off and jumping to conclusions!

  3. I Think anybody can do it if they really want to. I have seen many guys 3 times my size come flying by me in events. You can tell him I say well done for accepting to do it. He has a huge support base out there.He’ll never be the same again.

  4. That’s awesome! I can’t wait to read the updates. I’ve always said I admire the slower people the most because they have to be out there racing for a lot longer than the fast guys!

    You are so lucky you don’t know what a corn dog is! It’s a hot dog on a stick with corn bread around it. Why the heck there were children eating them for breakfast I’ll never know!

  5. that is awesom news babe! corn dogs are bad 😛
    There is nothing quite like having a good mentor and trainer to make u up your game! and i am sure you’ll do brilliantly by him

  6. SA – I agree that anybody can do it.
    Lisa – hopefully he does not go any slower than me, because then he wont finish. I am (was) one of those people that took 16h34 minutes! I had not even started running when the top girls had finished the whole thing!
    Chronic – let hope so.

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