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Cheaters! Why?

There are a couple of photo’s going around about a guy that cheated at Ironman Florida.  He had flippers for the swim???

Here is a link to see them. Ironmomjenny

Apparently there was quite a bit of “cheating” in this race.  Quite a few people cut out the first bouy in the swim and in the cycle there were apparently LOTS of people drafting!  Drafting in an Ironman is illegal.

The swim – well maybe you had your head down and were following the feet in front of you, I don’t know?  But say you purposefully cut the race short, or drafted or had FLIPPERS!  Exactly what is the point? 

To me Ironman is all about personal achievement.  It is about knowing that you finished that distance to the best of your ability, enjoyed it and survived to tell the tale.  If you cheated, how can you get any satisfaction out of finishing, or the time you finished in.


8 thoughts on “Cheaters! Why?

  1. Maybe you should try and be abit more discrete, like have one of those bikes that at least looks like you are peddling?

    But then discression and 6K – No that some how does not work!

  2. 6000 – I just read your comment on Ironmomjenny, they are going to be very fond of you over there! hee, hee! Lets hope they can take a joke. Should be fun.

  3. 6000 – got your comment – ha! I will give you that it IS a spark of genius… Heck, with everybody already cheating on the bike, and cutting the buoys on the swim, I suppose we should give him SOME credit for coming up with something new to gain an advantage! Heaven forbid he should actually get in the pool and learn to swim on his own power. As if!!!

  4. Geez- give me a break. I don’t even know what to say and trust me that doesn’t happen often.

    So- remember the candidate I blogged about that was fighting for free parking at the beach? She won. Geez again. We’ll have free parking and kids who can’t read. Wonderful!

  5. Cheating and cheaters just suck. Karma will come and get them someday. Just ask Marion Jones!
    If you have to cheat to win what personal satisfaction can you get out of it. Hopefully none, because they will always be worried that somebody finds out!

  6. Ironjenny – I believe actually training for the event would be just too much for them!
    Lisa – wow, so they might have free parking but not be able to read the directions on how to get there? Not good.
    Bel – I am sure that some time, some day they will get their just deserts!

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