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False sense of security

Every day there are stories in our papers about crime.  Most of the time you read it, think it is shocking and then go onto the next story, but sometimes there is a story that you read that really hits close to home.


Yesterday on the front page of our local paper was one of those stories.  This woman was running in a relay race (each leg 10km) when she was attacked, stabbed 3 times and robbed off her running shoes and watch!  In the middle of the RACE, with people close by!  Did I mention while running the RACE!!!!!  The audacity and cheek!  It was not as if the race was at night, it was not as if she was the only one around for miles, she had just been handed the baton about 800m back!


I suppose the reason this has hit close to home is because you seem to think you are some how safer while racing.  No of course she would not have run along that road on her own, but you kind of feel protected in an organized event.  You feel safer when there are people around!  We live in one of the safer cities in South Africa, but when you hear of things like this you wonder?


It is very sad when stuff like this happens (or any attacks), it is sad when the last question your husband or boyfriend asks you when you go out running or cycling is if you have your pepper spray with you, it is very sad when pepper spray is a “great” birthday gift!  But what good would the pepper spray actually do, are we just lulling ourselves into a false sense of security.  I mean the story about crime in the local paper today – 3 security guards attacked and seriously injured! 


6 thoughts on “False sense of security

  1. I have to agree it certainly hits close to home. I have also run races through “dangerous’ areas but you always feel safe because it is an organised event. This story is very sad cos it has ruined something that has always made us feel safe. Not too mention the devastating impact on the poor lady concerned. We can only pray that she will fully recover.

  2. But this incident (terrible though it is) is a one-off. Think of the tens of thousands of runners in the huindreds of races each year in SA – which pass off with no incident whatsoever.
    And which therefore don’t get reported.

  3. That is scary. Especially because she was running in an event!! Wow.

    But 6000 is right, the one in a million horrible story is the one that gets the attention. Still terrible, but you can’t let fear rule your life.

    But still be careful! : )

  4. 6000 – although not quite a one off (there was a lady attacked in a race outside Port Alfred in August) I understand what you are saying. I guess my point is just that you expect to be safe in a race. Stupid assumption, why would you be any safer than if you were running alone. Your command of Afrikaans is getting more and more impressive by the day?
    Hanlie – I always felt we lived in one of the safer areas on SA, but it is beginning to feel less and less so.
    Francois – It is so silly that one or two ruin it for everyone.
    Jennifer – the only reason this will have made the paper is because it was in an event, crimes like this happen all the time. Kids are killing kids just for their cell phones or less.

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