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Note to self!

Hanlie on Fertilehealthy tagged me.


Yikes!  The question is “What would you tell yourself 2, 5, 10, 15 years ago?”


After reading I had been tagged I got thinking!  Could I actually write what I would tell myself 10 or 15 years ago?  Maybe a watered down letter, if I actually had to say what I would want to there would be a lot of swearing.  Let’s start with the 2 years because that one is easy


2 Years ago (I was 34)!  Sometime next week you and the guy you have just started seeing are going to have a conversation.  He is going to ask you if you think this relationship is going anywhere!  DO NOT say NO!  This will come back to haunt you and will be a standing joke in your family when the two of you get married in 10 months time!  Yes, after a life time of saying you will never get married you actually do.  Well done on cutting back on the alcohol, however you can do better – also FINISH that BLOODY degree!


5 Years ago (I was 31)!  Break up with him!  You will go out for 2 years and he will be a total tease, bad for you and thankfully you will break up anyway!  Save your self the bother, break up with him now.  In the two years that you go out with him you will pick up 15 kgs!  Also Flippen STOP drinking and finish your degree! 


10 Years ago (I was 26)! Hmmmm, I don’t really have much to say to you.  So you made it to Australia – woo hoo, well done!  Yes, that is sarcasm!  All this means is that you are now getting drunk, screwing around and throwing your name away in a different country?  Enjoy your time here in a different way.  Enjoy the outdoors, enter some sports events, join a running club, go to good restaurants (ok, you did that, but go to more).  At least you have started walking again.  Realise how much weight you have lost since London, enjoy it!  Put on a bikini!


15 Years ago (I was 21).  This is the start of a nasty downhill slide that will last about 13 years!  It is really not as cool as you think it is that you can out drink the boys, be the last one standing or that you throw your name away almost every night!  Thank fully you will survive but you could save yourself a lot of embarrassment, heartache and stress if you just put down that tequila and go for a run.  In fact, while we are on the topic of exercise. Why are you stopping?  You love doing it and it will take you 12 years to rediscover this.




I doubt I would have listened though.  I HATED (and still do) being told what to do.  15 years ago I went travelling and spent the next 8 years living in 6 different countries, returning to South Africa in 2000.  Although I probably did not spend my time in the best possible way, I would not actually change anything I did.  I survived (how I have no idea) and I learnt a lot, so I guess it all turned out ok in the end.


I tag:



Brown Bunny Bear

 And anyone else that wants to do this, just let me know so I can come and read your post.


6 thoughts on “Note to self!

  1. Sounds like my life too (except the men bit!). I am also 36 and also recently started exercising to lose weight. Lost 13 kg`s this year and have done 3 half marathons in the process. What a turnaround from the overweight bugger of barely 7 months ago!

    Only difference is that I have been married for almost 8 years to an awesome PE girl!

    Good luck on the upcoming wedding, it`s gonna be awesome.

    Anyways, thanks for sharing that was a cool read.

  2. Hanlie – Thankfully in the past 3 -4 years quite a bit has changed. And I think this year (figures crossed) I got that bloody degree!
    Francois – I have been married just over a year now and it is GOOD. The letter was addressed to myself two years ago, but re-reading it I understand the confusion.
    Emil – personal experience?
    Jennifer – I look forward to your post!

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