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Rain, rain


We are supposed to be going hiking this weekend……




The weather forecast?????  Worst rains seen in the areas for the past 10 years!  Hmmmph, let’s hope they are wrong.  I have really been looking forward to this and if the weather continues as it is the hike will be cancelled.  So much for our summer, we are having worse weather than we did most of the winter!


Oh well…


3 thoughts on “Rain, rain

  1. I know! We had the wettest winter in decades in Cape Town and never once did our roof leak. Yesterday, when it was pouring, I had to put buckets in my lounge…

    Ah well!

  2. I can relate to Hanlie`s comment, it has been horrendous! Our roof also started leaking after not one problem the whole winter.

    On the upside, I just saw the sun for the first time in a few days. Hopefull it`ll clear up and your weekend will be saved.

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