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It was only one day, I will make it up….

Ironman South Africa is 20 weeks away – that means that the training program I am going to follow began yesterday.  Oops……


Now, I knew it began yesterday; it was not as if I missed the start, it was just, well… I did nothing about it.  Besides make a pretty, colour coded Excel spreadsheet.  In fact I did that about 2 months ago in preparation.  I even put in build up weeks.  (of which I did none – but I am blaming my shoulder).  Yesterday I just played around with the colours and things.


I did go to yoga last night, I wore my heart rate monitor, so it was not as if I did NOTHING, but I did nothing that is actually on my programme.  So last night I came home from yoga and set out everything that was necessary for this morning’s run!  My first run of the programme yipee.  I even set my alarm clock.  What I did not set out was wet weather gear!  Humph, I woke up this morning to rain!  There was no way that I could do my first run in the rain, so I went back to bed!  Now I feel guilty!  So guilty in fact that I have cancelled my art class for tomorrow night so I can run with a group of friends.


So wish me luck as I start a 20 week programme culminating in a race – Ironman South Africa – on the 5 April 2009!  I fear my blog might get a bit boring – some weeks on the programme call for up to 18 hours of exercise in 1 week.  Thankfully I am broken in gently, with this week calling for 8 hours.  I do have a triathlon on Sunday, so at least that might make up for missing yesterday and this morning’s session.  Tonight I am hitting the pool!


4 thoughts on “It was only one day, I will make it up….

  1. Like the SA Air Force only doing test flights during the day.
    We’ll be fine unless we get invaded at night.

    And you’ll be fine as long as Ironman day is dry. At least until you hit the shark-infested waters…

  2. charlise – Thanks
    Alisha – Thanks for your comment. Singapore is a bit far for me to go for lessons, but seeing as this is the most unspam looking piece of spam I am going to let it slide.

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