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A list, lest I forget!

I had a triathlon this weekend and thought I had better be better prepared than I am usually, so sitting in front of the TV on Saturday evening I started writing a list of all the things I would need and should remember to pack.  Holy crap!!!  No wonder I usually forget something.  That list was LONG.


There are a few things that can be used for all 3 disciplines and then there are some items that are discipline specific and VITAL – ie. Bike!


Getting a good spot in Transition
Getting a good spot in Transition


Now I know I have more on here than some people use, but this is what I require to do a triathlon.



Stuff I put on before I leave the house:

Tri shorts and top, these are specifically designed so you can swim, bike and run in them.

HR rate monitor (watch part and body strap)


Anti-chaff stuff for under arms for run! (I forgot this – OUCH!!!)



Water bottle (filled with water to wash my feet before putting shoes on (get rid of beach sand) and to take a swig out of to wash down my first gel as I get ready to get on my bike.

Energy gels – I like GU.

Black plastic bag.  This is multifunctional but I usually only use it if the weather is BAD.  I open in it on 2 sides and put my stuff in it, so my towel is not lying on the dirt.  I then cover my stuff with it, so if it is raining my shoes are not filled with water before I even start.  It also makes it easier to carry all the crap back to your car at the end.


Surf lock for car (to put car keys in)



Wetsuit, goggles, swim cap, ear plugs (I can’t swim with out them, I get immediate and terrible ear ache)

baby oil – around neck to stop wetsuit chaffing (put on when putting wetsuit on)




BIKE, cycle shoes, socks, sunglasses, sports drink in bottle on bike.



Running shoes, cap




So you see, it is A LOT to remember. 

This does not even include stuff on your bike that some people (read me) carry incase you get a puncture (but this is always on my bike so I don’t really need to “remember” it.


5 thoughts on “A list, lest I forget!

  1. Hanlie – thanks, I really enjoyed it. The sea was great.
    Jennifer – I know, I think I pack less when I go away for the weekend.
    ICE – I think I might just laminate it for next time.

  2. Bloody hell! That`s a loooooong list.

    One thing I didn`t know I had to do was to put plasters on my nipples before doing a half marathon. But believe me, I only forgot that once, never again…

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