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This week just seems to be one embarrassing moment after the next!!!!


Yesterday kind off took the cake though.  Yes, even more embarrassing than my husband falling asleep in yoga and me getting the giggles!


So what happened?  Last night at the gym I was in the ladies changing room getting ready to go and swim.  I had put my gym bag in the locker and just had my swim bag with me, in which I had put my swimming cap, goggles and flippers.  I put the bag down on the counter and it moved a bit, but I just figured it was the stuff in there settling and did not pay any more attention.  I went to the scales (scary, almost as scary as what was about to happen) then came back, put my hand in the bag to get my swim cap and pulled out something soft, fluffy and squiggling!  I nearly had a heart attach when then thing moved.  I freaked and flung what was in my hand down!  EEK, a mouse!!!!!!!  A mouse, holy crap!  I shrieked, it jumped off the counter onto the floor and ran.  By this stage all the girls in the changing room where freaking or shrieking and the poor mouse did not know which way to turn.  It was actually quite funny, a whole lot of naked girls screaming and jumping on benches.  The poor mouse ran out the door towards the pool and was not seen again.


You know once you have touched something gross that feeling stays on your hand, it stayed for ages.  I was really NOT expecting a mouse in my swim bag.  I was SO embarrassed.  I mean what do this people now think of me?  I carry a grey mouse in my bag.  I mean it was not even a cute field mouse.


The thing is I know exactly where it came from.  As I have mentioned before I don’t work in the best area and they were cleaning out the rubbish bins in our parking lot.  I saw all the mice and rats scurrying away earlier in the day and running past my car, at least I thought they had run past.  One of them must have gotten in (or at least I hope it was only one).  Ugh, imagine it had run across my feet as I was driving! 

Edited to add:  When do you know you are training for a Ironman – when after nearly dying of fright your first thought is that wish you were wearing your Heart Rate monitor because you wonder what your heart rate went up too.




9 thoughts on “EEK!

  1. 6000 – If you were in the changing room right then I doubt anyone woul have noticed the mouse, but there would probably have been a lot more shouting and throwing things.

  2. Yeah, you’re right.

    That was exactly what happened in the VA in Claremont.
    And the Health & Fitness Club in Gardens.
    And Curves in Tokai.

    You’re very perceptive.

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