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I think my cat is short a few brain cells?

So how do you tell if you have a “doff” cat?  I think one of ours is missing (more than) a few brain cells.


Now don’t get me wrong he is absolutely gorgeous and very “special” but I don’t think he is blessed in the brains department.


He can’t seem to walk under our low coffee table without hitting his head on it – every single time!  He can’t drink running water out a tap and just looks at it in shock when he gets water on his head.  He runs into the shower as we get out and then sits down.  He then looks all pitiful because he now has a wet bum and feet (this happens daily).  The funniest is when he spots our other cat stalking something.  He “tries” to help, by bounding up to her.  What ever she has been stalking flies or runs away long before he even gets close.  She then looks at us in frustration, its like – “I was soooo close and then – HIM again!!!  Please do something about him”  


He was a stray and I think it is just as well that we found him when we did as I don’t think he would survive in the wild on his own.  He would have starved.  Miss Molly on the other hand would survive, although she is a tiny little cat, she is quite a hunter.


The one thing about him though is that he loves being around you, they say dogs look happy to see you however when we get home both our cats are sitting there waiting for us.  Miss Molly disappears off again just after we have said hello, but Bacardi won’t leave our sides.  He will follow either my husband or I around the house, very sweet.  He does not like our dogs though, and chases them.  It is quite funny to watch as our German Shepherd is terrified of the cat.  I am not surprised as Bacardi hisses and spits when ever he gets close.

Bacardi, hiding
Bacardi, hiding




Miss Molly and Bacardi
Miss Molly and Bacardi

13 thoughts on “I think my cat is short a few brain cells?

  1. Tell me about it. although I was wondering if Miss Molly did not plant it there. A “present” for the lack of tuna lately.

  2. Thanks for your suggestions on my blog! I also loved Bransons autobiography. But then again I am a bio fan…so the Body Shop one may be good.

    Off to check your link around the other book you mentioned!

  3. Hanlie – I don’t know what we did before we had them.
    Melody – Pleasure
    Po – Well he is always eating thier food, so maybe?
    Francois – I think he was “affected” before that. Kind of like the rest of us in the household.

  4. Jennifer – absolutely!!!! And if you look closely at his tummy you will see he even has a fake 6 pack, like those spiderman and superman suits. Very funny.

  5. I love the name “Bacardi”!! He sounds a lot like my Zip – our great big dogs are also terrified of Zip – he’s a small cat, but does a good job of looking fierce 😉 Love the pic with the chandelier!!

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