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Some Mondays are good!

Excellent News!!!!  In fact the only way this Monday could have started off any better was if I had also won the lottery.


I got my results back this morning for both my work related exam as well as for my final subject for my degree!!!  Wooo Hoooo.  I passed both.


So, finally after having been registered at Unisa for 8 years and 3 degree changes later I have a B. Com.  What a relief.  I must admit that I thought I had done a little better in my exam than my results suggest, but I will take that pass, even if it was only by one mark! 


The odd thing is that I really thought I had only scrapped though the work related one, and I got 94%!!!!  Holy crap, I have never got that in an exam before. 


What a way to start the week!


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