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Hold thumbs for me!!

I might just have bought myself a new bike!!!!!  Holy crap what was I thinking.  Actually I know exactly what I was thinking.  I was thinking – “Ooooo, pretty, pink, girly, fast, oooooo.  I like!!!” 


But I only “might” have bought it.  It is not confirmed yet, I am waiting for a phone call.  There was only one left in stock and I am not sure if it is my size.  The bike is not in PE, but is hopefully going to be delivered in the next couple of days.  Then I will be able to go and have it measured.  If it fits, it is mine!!!!!!  If not boo hoo, actually, it is a win/lose situation, or a lose/win situation depending on how you look at it.


If it is my size then I buy it – WIN but then I have to pay for it LOSE.  However if it is not my size, I don’t get it LOSE but my bank balance stays the same (minus the outlay of a big bar of chocolate to get over my depression on not getting the bike) WIN.


Hold thumbs for me!  It is a VERY good deal!!!!  Although even with that fact it is still more than double what I paid for my present bike – scary stuff!


8 thoughts on “Hold thumbs for me!!

  1. 6000 – but where would the fun be?
    SA – it is a Scott Contessa Plasma, so pretty and at an EXCELLENT price!!! But there is only an XS left at that price. And I am not the shortest girl. We are going to fit it to see?

  2. SA – that is what I have heard. And the one I have at the moment is too big! Now I am just waiting for the phone call to say it is in PE!!! Hope it comes before the weekend!

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