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I went on my own

So no news on the bike.  I am still holding thumbs.


This morning though I went for a cycle – on my own. This was a first as I am always too nervous to go out on my own.  But it was fine.  No punctures, falls or nervous breakdowns of any kind.  There was a lot of praying though.


I did think as I was riding that it was probably only runners, riders, robbers or rapists that were out at that time of day. Cheery thoughts I know.  And I don’t think my little bottle of pepper spray is really going to cut it if somebody decides they need to take my bike.


But after my initial thoughts of doom I put my head down and peddled.  I actually enjoyed it, even in the drizzle that decided to come down.  I think it will be easier now to go out on my own.  The first time is probably always the worst?


8 thoughts on “I went on my own

  1. I thought the first time is always the worst thing was for sex?
    Wish we could have some of your drizzle. Everything going brown here. And that includes my garden.

  2. Hey – it sounds like we’re feeling the same about the bike these days. I do all my training when there are only rapists and drunk drivers out.. it’s the curse of the working mother. Well, one of them 🙂 Love the blog!

  3. Francois – So far so good. I have done everything on it for this week so far. And then even a bit more (I read 60 min run instead of 45 min run), but I am really enjoying it.
    6000 – No comment on the sex thing. And I tried sending you the drizzle, but instead I got RAIN here. My directions can’t be that good.
    MS – Some areas are worse than others. I ride with Pepper spray and avoid going near places that I know are not good. But as Hanlie says, I probably have to worry about the motorists more than anything else. They have NO regard for cyclists.
    Rachel – thanks for visiting my blog. I love reading yours. I don’t know how you do it. I don’t even have kids and I battle to find the time. Early mornings or late evenings seem to be the only time.
    Hanlie – Very true.

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