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Whale of a day!

At the end of this week I am going on holiday – yippee!!  3 Whole weeks of nothingness.  Well not quite nothingness, but not work.  My plan is for lots of long rides and runs and sea swims!  The only little glitch might be Christmas Day and the following few days.  We are going to visit my in-laws and they don’t live in a very training friendly place.  I will be restricted to running I think. 


This will also mean that I don’t have much access to a computer so… less blogs from me.


On the subject of cycling, on Sunday we rode a route that included Maitland River mouth and its HILL!  I have done it once before, and it was when I had just started riding.  I have feared it ever since.  (I ended up walking up last time).  Well this time I managed to get all the way up and I did not even think I was going to die!  And believe me it was worth it.  The views over the ocean were spectacular.  When we got to Seaview we saw whales quite close in, and one of them breach as we were cycling by.  It was unbelievable so we stood and watched for a few minutes.  It was a mom and calf.  We really do live in an awesome place.


I have also realized that it is not just my car that gets jealous.  This time it was my bike!  In revenge for talking about getting a new bike it decided to throw a wobbly and my tri-bars FELL OFF!  Not good, seeing as I was going down a hill at Van Stadens at the time and my speed was 58.9km/hour!  Luckily they did not fall into my wheels.  I had realized they were loose, but although I had an Allen Key Set with me, they were not long enough to reach into where the bolt was.  Humph, I thought it would be ok and we taped it up so it stopped rattling.  Obviously that did not work!  I had to call my mom to come and fetch me.  Probably just as well as I would have had to go back up that hill that I had just come down and was not looking forward to that!  Unfortunately I lost one of the bolts, so for now am riding without tri-bars.  And so far no word on my new bike?????


Here is a picture of the Maitlands Mouth hill, which I found here!


Maitland towards Seaview
Maitland towards Seaview

4 thoughts on “Whale of a day!

  1. I love it when I’m doing something dangerous and something vital falls off.
    Hey – look on the bright side – it could have been your brakes that broke.

  2. Awesome place!

    Am filled with admiration at all your physical exploits –
    that is some hill!

    Musta been divine intervention that you didn’t injure yourself when your bike decided to show its jealous side. . .

    Enjoy your break

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