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Please fit, please fit, please fit

Yay!!!  My (hopefully, soon to be) bike is ready and at the shop!  Whoo hoo!  Can you tell I am excited???


I am going at lunch time to go and see if it will fit me and set it up.  Which means I will have it for the rides this weekend!!!


Only problem is that now the doubt is beginning to creep in a bit.  I am not the best cyclist (to say the least) but at least on the bike I have at the moment I don’t look out of place, and if I do manage to overtake somebody there is an enormous sense of joy, especially if they have a really zooty bike.  Now I will be that person on the zooty bike getting lapped?  Not good.  People will laugh?  Or think I am stupid for paying this amount of money when I can’t ride all that well?


Then there is also the cash situation.  Both my husband and I work either in the automotive industry, or at a company highly reliant on the automotive industry and as we all know the automotive industry is not doing so lekker (well) at the moment?  Am I being stupid for spending my savings on a bike when we don’t really know what next year holds?


As I said doubts????


Then again maybe I just think too much (is that possible) and should just put my cash down and get the bloody bike (which is what I am going to do) and worry about all the other stuff if it happens?  It is a fantastic, fantastic, fantastic price and my dream bike.  I have been staring at pictures of it since it came out in December last year but never in my widest dreams did I think there was ever a possibility that I could ever own one???? 


So doubts aside, this is my only thought for the day “please fit, please fit, please fit” I do think it is a bit ironic though that I am praying for an XS to fit when in clothing I wear an L or M???  When did a XS ever fit me – NEVER!


9 thoughts on “Please fit, please fit, please fit

  1. Hanlie – thanks, except I got there and they said “did nobody phone you we are on our way out to an expo, can you come back tomorrow????????” I was not impressed (serious understatement). So now I have to go through all the stress tomorrow again. Not to mention that the shop is an hour round trip from where I work.

  2. A whole hour? Can you go that far in PE?

    From your recent posts, I would say that the cost of a new bike could easily be offset against emergency medical costs.

    But don’t get it if it’s too small. You’ll look like a clown.

    Hanlie: Yes, but look at the Government… Just… look.

  3. 6000 – well I do drive pretty slowly (but then so does everybody else). And yes, it might work out cheaper to get the bike in the long run.

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