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I got it!!

I got the bike and it fits like a glove – perfect!!!!!!  A Scott Contessa Plasma 2008 – pretty in pink!!!

Here is a picture (not of mine, but the same bike)

Scott Plasma Contessa
Scott Plasma Contessa

8 thoughts on “I got it!!

  1. If I am a pink streak anywhere I will be very happy, but you are forgetting that this is me we are talking about. Rule Stickler, hand signaler cycler.

  2. Congrats on the new set of wheels! It’s a beauty… I love the color b/c it’s like a blank canvas. Add some colored accoutrements and it will look freakin’ fantasic! :o) You are too funny regarding the sizing situation in your previous posts… although I can relate. I’m nearly 5’6″ but I have super short legs and hence ride a 48cm Cervelo! Some days I look at it and think to myself, “I fit on that TINY thing??” LOL!

  3. Sherry, thanks for visiting my blog. Bike fit is so wierd, I am 5’7 with long legs and now I am on a 48cm Scott. Odd! But it fits perfectly. I love your bike too. I had also looked at the Cervelo’s but the Scott won in the end.

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