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What a way to start the day!

What an awesome way to start the holidays.  Well ok, work today kind of gets in the way for a few hours but I can cope.


I went out for a ride on my new bike this morning and the weather was and still is spectacular!  I think the new positioning will take some getting used to and having the gears at the end of the bars is a bit different but other than that it was great!!


I finish at 2 today and then am going to go for a run and a sea swim.  The sea should be flat as there is NO wind. That in itself almost deserves a whole post.  No wind in December in Port Elizabeth!!! That NEVER happens.  Maybe I should not speak to soon, it does sometimes pick up in the afternoon.  Let’s hope this is not one of those afternoons.  Or if it does that a west blows.


I live in an awesome place. This morning we rode past a zebra!  However after that all I kept thinking was that that horse still had on his pajamas.  See what happens when you get up at 4:00am!  And no, it was not wild; it was in field with other game.  I have seen the springbok in that field before but never the zebra.  This morning I also saw a bushbuck, which I think was actually wild. 


So… 3 more hours of work and then 3 weeks of holiday.  I am ready!!!

7 thoughts on “What a way to start the day!

  1. No wind! Lucky you! It hasn’t let up in Cape Town in weeks and I’m gatvol.

    I hope you will be online from time to time during your holiday! Good luck with breaking in the new bike.

  2. I love the wind in Cape Town.

    Incidentally, I was chatting to a zebra friend of mine in PE and he said that he saw some cyclists this morning. At first he thought they were tame, but apparently, they were actually rather wild.

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