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What the heck?

So I went for a ride this morning – and it was terrible.  I did not know what was happening.  I just could not keep up at all!  I kept dropping off the back of the group – it was awful.  Yes there was a headwind, but it did not seem to be hampering anyone else.  My heart rate was sky high and I was really trying hard.  In the end I said to them to leave me and I would head home as I just could not keep up.  I went a little further on my own and then thought maybe I had a soft tyre or something.  I got of my bike and looked at it. 

Nope, no flat!  I was really getting worried. Maybe I had over trained or I was coming down with something. Then I notice my front brake!  It was locked on my wheel.  NO WONDER I could not ride! The brake had shifted and was pressing against the wheel.  I fixed that little problem and flew for the rest of the ride.  What a relief!  I thought I had taken 10 steps backwards in my riding ability.  I mean these were the same people that I had kept up with on Tuesday!  Humph nothing like a bit of unexpected resistance training!

So – NOTE TO SELF! Check brakes before each ride! 


10 thoughts on “What the heck?

  1. 😆 As I was reading I was thinking this must be the side-affects of year-end functions and early feastive season celebrations 😉

    Oi, women drivers!

  2. I was hoping my brake was stuck to my wheel today.. but NO DICE. Darnit! Glad your ride turned out to be great.. merry christmas!

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