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The shortest 3 weeks ever!

I can’t believe how the time flew – what is that saying about “when you’re having fun”?  Well it is so true!


So what did I get up to in my three weeks off – besides celebrate Christmas and New Year not much.


There were however a couple of moments that went down in true Pamela fashion.


My In-laws live about 300km’s away, and we decided to spend Christmas morning with my family and after breakfast to drive to them and spend a couple of days up there.  The roads are usually pretty quiet on Christmas day and this way we keep both of our families happy.  And it works perfectly as my family has always just done the breakfast thing anyway.


Breakfast went off without a hitch, we went home and tossed everything into the car and set off.  After driving about 250km, I was thinking to myself that I wondered what Mr O’s Dad would think of the present I had gotten him?  Hmm, presents!  Holy crap – presents!  They were still all sitting under our Christmas tree at home.  We had forgotten to pack them – ALL OF THEM.  All my In-law’s presents were under the tree 250km’s away.  Oops!


Thankfully they did not take it too badly, although they did ask us if the current economic climate has hit us badly and do we want to take food home with us?  We are going back up in February so I WILL (try and remember to) take them up with us when we go then.  One good thing was that I noticed my sister-in-law already has the book I bought her, so now can look for something else for her.  The book was one I wanted myself so now don’t have to go out and buy it again.


Hope everyone had a really good festive season – lets hope 2009 is a good one for us all!


7 thoughts on “The shortest 3 weeks ever!

  1. Glad to have you back!

    That’s so funny! Half my presents (from only arrived after Christmas, but fortunately all concerned live close by!

  2. 6000 – What’s going on with your site, I can’t open it. And no – it was not rubbish. Do I look like the kind of girl that would buy rubbish gifts?
    Hanlie – thanks, good to be back

  3. Welcome back to blogland. I agree the last 3 weeks flew – back to work today….yeuch!

    Love the story of the presents, it’s definitely the kind of thing I’d do LOL!

  4. Hey you! Happy New Year!

    Glad to have you back amongst the blogging community! Love your ‘present story’… I’ve done that (but only had to drive a few miles home to pick them up, so not a big deal!).

    Have fun back at work… I know I am. : (

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