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about the bike?

I know you are all dying to know how my training is going.  What – you’re not?  Tough!  I have bored my friends and family so now it is your turn!


It is going frikken fantastic!!!!  Well it is today at least. 


I can’t say much about the holiday’s training except things come in threes – thankfully not more.  Firstly I rode with my brakes touching the wheel!  Not good (see previous post).  Secondly I rode over some glass and slashed my tyre and tube so bad it was unfixable so I had to call Mr OL to come and pick me up (he was not impressed – I might have mentioned he is not a morning person) and then the final straw – I fell off!  Yes, my new bike and yes, I was more concerned about the bike than me, but thankfully I was actually standing still when it happened (don’t ask) and we both just suffered a few scratches and bruises.  I had the foresight to protect the bike with my body as I fell, so I came off worst.


However, besides those three little incidents I LOVE MY BIKE!  Whoever said it is not about the bike knows nothing (sorry Lance).  It’s all about the bike.


After this morning’s ride I came bounding into the house woke hubby up and said to him “you won’t believe what my average was?”  Him; (not as excited as I would have hoped) said 29km/h.  Me:  NOPE, Him, 27, me; NOPE, Him; 26, Me; NOPE, Him; bloody hell Pamela it is 6 o clock in the morning just tell me!  Me, 30.7km/hour!  Isn’t that fantastic, 30.7km/hour.  I think I might have started babbling at this stage, and if he was not lying in the bed I might actually have started jumping up and down on it.  In fact if London was not 2 hours behind and I don’t actually have international roaming on my phone I might even have called my sister.  Luckily sanity (and restrictions on my cell phone contract) prevailed and I had to wait to get to the office to email her.


Woo Hoo 30.7km/h.  Now I know that is not exactly flying by some people’s standards but for me it is.  My fastest average previously was 25.8km/hour.  Unfortunately I don’t think I can take ANY credit for this new speed.  I feel my legs are just the same slow legs that they were 4 weeks ago, so it is most definitely ALL about the bike. 


So, officially, I LOVE my Scott Contessa Plasma!

Here is a picture again – just as a reminder how cute she is!

Scott Plasma Contessa
Scott Plasma Contessa



7 thoughts on “about the bike?

  1. Hey there – I see you got a new bike too, niiiice, and you are just as excited about it as me!!! I never thought it would make such a big difference.

    GO US!

  2. Hanlie – maybe a little bit. At least I hope so? I have cycled ALOT more than I normally do.
    Kathy – I know, its unbelieveable!
    6000 – thanks. and it was a circuit and being PE windy and nothing you say will get to me about this ride!

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