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Out of touch??

I don’t really buy that many magazines – especially not women’s magazines.  In fact the only two magazines that I do read on a regular basis are Food and Home and then to work that off Runner’s World.  However if there are magazines lying around somewhere and I am bored I will tend to pick them up and read them.  Every time I do though, I am reminded why I don’t buy them.


Some of the articles in them are ridiculous and clearly not aimed at normal women, with normal salaries or incomes (or figures – but that’s another story).


This holiday I picked up one of my sister-in-law’s magazines.  On the cover of one was a headline “30 Outfits for 30 Days”.  Now I thought that might be quite interesting – mixing and matching, who knows I might even get some tips.  NOT!!!  It was divided into two sections.  First were the photos of the 30 complete outfits.  Some not too bad, some totally NOT going to work in the real world – but all in all ok.  Then I got to the second section where it listed the individual items, the shops they could be bought at and the prices.  Holy Crap!  Do clothes really cost that much and if they do who the heck buys them.  I started totaling it up; there were 37 items, which included the clothing as well as belts, shoes and handbags.  The total R22,795!  Now I am sorry, I know I don’t buy clothes that often but really.  Does anybody spend that much on clothes?  And if so over how long a time period?  




3 thoughts on “Out of touch??

  1. Hanlie – I am not sure who can afford to?
    Jenty – I also thought the idea was good, I need somebody to come and tell me what to put with what, but phew – the prices of the clothes they used.

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