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To tri or not to tri?

I can’t think of anything to write – why is it that I have not really written anything for 3 weeks but had plenty to write about and now that I have access to a computer I can’t think of anything.


Well that’s not quite the truth, I could absolutely bore you to death with running, cycling and swimming but I probably should not subject you to that.  Hmmm, maybe I should.  At least I can’t see that far away and blank stare from this side of the computer.  The “look” that Mr OL seems to be getting on a regular basis at the moment.


I am trying really hard not to only talk about training to him.  But I must admit it is pretty difficult considering it is pretty much all I am doing at the moment, besides work.  I am also trying really hard to stop saying “you should just try it” as in you will love cycling “you should just try it”.  Or you will love triathlon “you should just try it”.  I figure the more I push the more likely he is to dig his feet in and do the exact opposite.  So now I am just getting on with it myself and maybe he will see how much I love it and want to try it?  (ha, ha)


I mean the concept is not totally foreign to him.  One of the reasons I started chatting to him on the internet dating site was because under interests he had put triathlon.  I contacted him first and my email to him said “I see you like triathlon, do you compete.”  His response was he just liked watching it.  So maybe I should just leave it there – with him watching it?


8 thoughts on “To tri or not to tri?

  1. He was also a runner when we met, but now seems to have stopped doing that too??? But yes, I am very happy when he comes to watch.

  2. Its your blog and you can write what you wanna.
    I have that on good authority 🙂

    It sounds as though you are doing fantasically on THE bike – which is a sexy loooking one by the way.

    You go, girl!
    Hopefully, DH will be bitten by the bug one day soon

  3. Talking somebody’s ear off is a problem with us yes. Don’t give up hope…watching is what got me into all of this.

  4. allie – thanks.
    SA – after every IM he says he is going to do the next one. But after about 3 -4 weeks he changes his mind. Maybe after this one???? Although maybe on in the family doing it is enough?

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