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I need a new route

This morning on my program was a 45 min run with strides every 5 minutes.  It was going ok when at about the 20 minute mark I saw this rather unsavorily looking character cross the road in front of me carrying what looked to be something electrical.  Now, he really should not have been carrying something electrical.  In fact he was rather out of place in this neighbourhood, although it is rubbish day and there are a lot of people that come and scratch through the black bags.  He crossed the road and sat down with another equally dodgy looking guy and they started fiddling with what ever it was, trying to obscure my view with his body.  I carried on running and as I ran past I tried to see what they had – you know in that way where you are trying to look but don’t want it to appear to obvious.  I mean it was just little old me and my small can of pepper spray!  It looked to me as if they had a laptop!  In fact I could have sworn they had a laptop.  Drat, now what do I do.  I am most definitely not going to go and have a look, or ask them what they had.  I did not have my phone with me and I was about 25 minutes away from home.  I carried on running.  About 200 meters down the road another runner ran past me so I asked him if he had seen what the guys had.  He said he was in “the zone” and did not even see two guys.  Hmmm, ok!  Just at that moment I saw a man pulling his car out his drive, so I ran over and told him that I thought there were two guys up the road with a lap top and could he maybe have a look or call his security company.  I carried on running. 


I looked back and saw that he had pulled over, and then turned his car around and went back to his house.  I did not see what happened after that as I turned a corner, but am assuming that if it was nothing he would just have carried on driving to work and not have gone back to his house??  It did make me rather nervous for the rest of my run.  What happens they knew it was me that told on them?  Would they remember what I looked like?  I took the safety latch off my pepperspray and my speed picked up quite a bit after that. 


I think I will be avoiding that road for a while?




8 thoughts on “I need a new route

  1. That would probably be wise…

    I have to pick my way through the broken car windows every morning when I go for my walk. My dad’s going away next week so my mom thought that she could come and stay over with us one night, but I couldn’t make arrangements with the neighbors for keeping the car safe, so I advised her to rather visit during the day and going home again in the evening.

  2. Usually this is a pretty good area, and not many problems. It is also really quiet. I mean beside the other runner, guy in the car and those two and a couple of cyclist I did not see anyone else. I am trying to train my dog to run with me but at the moment she has an injury (ran around the garden with the other mutt and pulled a muscle!)

  3. That stuff can be pretty unnerving hey?
    Laptops are the trophy of the day for thieves it seems.

    We have a great neighbourhood watch in my neck of the woods – connected by radio and cell phone.
    Our cowboys would have been all over those guys like a rash.

    Do you have one?
    A NWatch I mean, not a rash 🙂
    If so, suggest they have an emergency cell phone number for instances like that maybe.

    Take care of yourself now

  4. Oi, a bit of an adrenalin rush for sure. It would have left me pretty jumpy too. Yup, I would use a different route for a while…just in case; although they were probably equally jumpy and adrenalin charged so its unlikely they will remember you in any other way than ‘the runner’.

  5. Gillian – thanks
    Allie – We do have a NWatch, but I am not sure how to get in contact with them and am not sure if they extend to the neighbourhood I was in? I should probably find out.
    Melody – I am hoping they were too involved in what they were doing to pay much attention to me. They were also probably on something so might not remember anyway. But I am still going to avoid that section of the neighbourhood for a bit.

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