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Yikes – 12 weeks!

The mind is a funny thing – well maybe it’s just my mind but still.  It plays tricks on me and its just odd.  (my husband says I am odd altogether, so it probably is just be me)


For this Ironman I am nervous.  Why I don’t know?  I am nervous that I won’t be ready in time, I am nervous that I won’t have trained enough, I am nervous that my nutrition on the day will be wrong.  Just plain nervous.


Now why is this odd, well it is my second Ironman and I am WAY better prepared than I was for the last one – and I still have 12 weeks to go!


Last time Ironman, as I was cycling in the race, a spider walked across my bicycle computer and started spinning a web.  I kind off laughed to myself and thought I should probably have cycled a bit more if my bike is covered in cobwebs.  And the truth was I really should have ridden more.  In the race my odometer past the 1000 km mark.  That means that all the training I did since the purchase of my bike to the start of the race was less than 1000km! How the heck did I ever make it to the end and enjoy it?  On my new bike, which I have only had for 4 weeks I have already done nearly 500km!  On my old bike I did nearly 1000km since I started training again – and I still have 12 weeks left! 


Even my running has improved quite a bit since the last time.  I am faster and stronger and enjoying the training.  I am not sure about my swimming, I got in the pool last night and thought I was about to drown.  But I think it has improved.  I did a 2 km race not so long ago and it went very well.  Ok, the conditions were perfect but it was still quicker than I have done it before.


So why am I nervous?  My nutrition went well last time, so I am going to repeat that.  I thoroughly enjoyed the race last time, so I am hoping to emulate that.  I will have trained much more this time and my speeds have improved.  Maybe it is because of that reason that I am nervous.  I will have put in a lot more work and what if the results aren’t there.  I would like to do quite a bit better this year.  What if I don’t?  What if I don’t enjoy it as much?  I feel so much more unprepared this time.  I feel like I have not even started training and yet I have actually stuck (mostly) to my program.  Maybe this time it just does not feel like training because I am enjoying it?  Last time I was tired all the time and this time that exhaustion just has not been there.


Yikes – 12 weeks left. 


11 thoughts on “Yikes – 12 weeks!

  1. I know nothing about training for such events, but I do know that you’ve been training hard and therefore I think you’re going to be fine! And there’s nothing wrong with enjoying yourself!

    Good luck!

  2. I’m sure you’ll be fine.
    If the amount of training you’ve done is even close to the amount of training you’ve written about… you’ll fly it ;@)

  3. Hanlie – thanks.
    6000 – Thanks, and I am working on it. So far I have the matching socks and top. Now just the shorts, helmet, gloves, ah wait, that list is endless.

  4. I have to go lie down.
    Even reading about all that exertion has exhausted me!

    Hats off to you – so much hard training and dedication – I’m sure you’re going to do better than you ever imagined

  5. I get this post. I understand the nerves and the fears. I have experienced similar emotions around other events in my life. The fear of one element throwing you off your game on the day is utterly normal.

    Its sounds like you are enjoying the training soooo much so remember race day is HUGE but everyday is what counts in the end. xx

  6. You`re gonna knock it out the park!

    I started running again this morning after the festive season and it sucked! I`ve gained 3 kg`s, so it`s back to hitting the road for me in a big way.

  7. I believe that you have hit the nail on the head. I KNOW that when I finally get around to doing another Ironman, that I will want it to go EXACTLY as it did the first time, as I enjoyed it so much. The fear is that you will put in the hard work for a worse result! That would worry me!!!!!

    I don’t think that you will ever feel the same as you did when finishing your very first Ironman – you can’t surely, but I am sure that it will be memorable for very different reasons than the first.

    And if it doesn’t go as well as the first one????? Well, there’s always another one……

  8. RG – keep at it, it does get easier!
    Kathy – Yip, worried, worried, worried! Although more than worried I am really excited, mostly to see what I can do, but because of the excitement I think I am pressuring myself. I must just calm down and take it as it comes!

  9. I think if you go into the race and something goes wrong and you are not faster it does not matter one bit. You KNOW you are stronger and more prepared. You have done what you can to be ready and if something out of your control happens on race day, it will work itself out. And it seems you have enjoyed the process – that’s awesome! 🙂

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